Welcome to Physics

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of North Carolina at Asheville consists of seven full-time faculty members. Areas of research include molecular, atomic, nuclear, elementary particle, environmental, educational and computational physics, along with astronomy and astrophysics. These research areas provide students with an opportunity to obtain excellent preparation for graduate study or immediate, successful careers in physics, including the teaching of physics.

Studying physics at UNC Asheville affords opportunities which are unique to a school of our size. Students obtain individual attention due to small class sizes in upper-level courses for the major. Depending on a student's particular interest, many variations in the curriculum can be offered which either strengthen the core curriculum in preparation for graduate studies or emphasize particular areas of interest such as applied physics, computer science, engineering, materials science, chemistry, biology, environmental studies, or the teaching of physics. The liberal arts nature of UNC Asheville also allows you to obtain a broad background beyond physics, which develops communication skills of importance for any type of future employment. The department has three programs in physics: 1) Preparation for Graduate School, 2) Applied Physics, and 3) Teacher Certification. All of these lead to the B.S. in physics.

Department Strengths

  • Daily one-on-one faculty guidance
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Talented faculty with a variety of experience
  • Strong social community among our majors, featuring the Major's Lab/Study Lounge
  • "Outstanding" Society of Physics Students Chapter